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Executive Job Seeking Service

Introduction about this service

As I've got a number of direct requests for this service, I've added it and put it in a formal detailed service for all who are looking for an executive job in the Arab Gulf, Africa, or any other part of the world.

What's included in this service

* Domain Name: yourname.com cost around $15/year* Hosting: with emails: example firstname@yourname.com which costs around $65/year* Updated CV/Resume: optimized for Google SEO* Update LinkedIn profile: optimized for LinkedIn search engine/algorithm* Job Search: in miscellaneous job site and portals* Existing Clients: contacting our massive database clients* Branding: advertising and exposure of your name and expertise on the world web* Google ADs: worth $50 about your availability and expertise* LinkedIn ADs: worth $50 about your availability and expertise



1. Buying the domain name and hosting 2. Building, design, and developing the website, CV/resume, and LinkedIn profile redesigning and revamping 3. Job submission to job posting and job advertisements 4. Registering in the main job portals and applying for their vacancies 5. Contacting executive, CEOs, Directors, general managers of our clints database, the companies we are already dealing and recruiting for

What is required from you?

1. Old CV with any additional data and dates that are missing which would improve your ranking and chance of recruitment 2. Your LinkedIn youser name (email) and password so we can rewrite again 3. High resolution photos, different poses


Total cost for this service is US\$ 1,500 Paid as:US$ 500 down payment, upon our agreement on thisUS$ 1,000 upon recruiting you and on the first day of joining the new company

Ready to Start?

Kindly pay the down payment of US$ 500 so we can start on spot:

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Please email me if you need to send money in a different way than PayPal, maybe WesterUnion, wire transfer, bank transfer…

Perfect balance of Professionalism & Honesty.

Bassam Nouh